Elevated Fitness


Elevated Fitness

Inspiring Mental Strength through Physical Strength

Elevated Fitness was founded by Cassie B, May of 2019. It is designed to help with Weight Loss, Physical Strength, and Mental Strength. It will help you apply all these skills in all aspects of life. How to cope with stress, physical pains, and how to always remain ELEVATED!

Message From Cassie B

I started working out consistently the summer of 2018. Soon after working out I instantly loved the physical changes it had on my body, However, despite how strong I was getting physically, it was not the same for my mental strength. and I knew it had to change. There would be days where I could not get out of bed or didn’t want to leave the house, but every time I went to the gym I instantly felt elevated.  

I was able to silence my mind and focus only on the workout, and I just kept getting stronger and stronger physically. I took the power of concentration that I had at the gym and started to apply it in different aspects of my life; work, family time, personal time and basically everywhere. If I could focus only on squatting at the gym and keep getting stronger, why cant I do that anywhere else???

 Soon after I realized the importance of both Mental and Physical Health. The more I practiced concentrating on my goals , the more elevated I was and the more successful I became!

 My fitness training style, is a little different from the normal. I try to excel in all workouts that I perform, either the box jumps, squats, bench pressing, or running. You will see a variation of workouts and not just a weekly routine heavy squats, box jumps, hikes, and workouts with my son!! Fitness has become a part of my daily routine.

Fitness is very important to me and I want to show you that you can get strong anywhere not just the gym. In the Elevated Services Section you will see that all the fitness plans cater to the individual. I am a strong believer that each person needs to create their own physical and mental success story…

 The blog was a little way to share both my mental and physical workouts, and how it has worked for me. I will also have healthy living ideas, different fitness contest, free giveaways from both myself and sponsors, guest features, and lots lots more!!!

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