Rack Pulls on a Tuesday!!

So my goal by the end of the year is to be able to dead-lifts 315 lbs for 10. So why do the rack pulls??? So I can get to that goal!!!

Rack Pulls help improve the range of motion and patterning specific to the conventional and/or sumo dead-lift. It my opinion and this is just based on my workouts, it has made my conventional dead-lifts easier and it has also help improve my form.

Form is very important especially since I am not wearing a belt, or any other aid. Perfect form has protected me from getting injured. However in the video attached you will see that I needed to drive my feet more to the ground, but this is also why I try not to wear sneakers…

Other then helping with improving my form and lifting heavier, rack pulls also help increase upper back strength and help with glute development.