Individualized Online Fitness Plan-App

· You will have access to an App where you will be able to log in and view your entire workout for the week. The app is available on iPhone and Android Devices

·Detailed Videos included with each exercise, explaining in detail how to perform each exercise.

· Ability to send and receive real time text messages from Elevated

· 55 min max workouts

· 15 min phone or video conference every week

· Workouts catered to the individual

· Able to receive specific workouts for your location at the time of the workout. For example, if you are traveling you will be provided workouts for you to perform at your hotel or family’s home. If you know you will be at the gym 1 day that week and will workout 3 days at home, You, will be provided 3 home workouts land 1 workout routine to perform at the gym for that week.

·4 workouts a week (more available at a surcharge)

· Cost

1 week $35

2 weeks $70

4 weeks $135

Cassie Bordes